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Dr. Prema Sundararajan - Academic Council Chair

Ph.D. (Education)

45 years of experience from classroom management to policy level management in the area of adolescent mental health, reproductive health, and sexual health.  Extensively worked with the administrators, Ministries, and also international agencies like UNICEF, WHO (SEAR) UNFPA. A professional counselor and a consultant for married and unmarried adolescents. Has also visited 3 districts in Indonesia and Thailand, Bhutan, and Nepal -visiting their schools and training their teachers /counselors/psychiatrists.
Other relevant achievements:

  • Participant in the International Youth Forum on World Heritage Preservation and Promotion at Bergen, Norway in June 1995 (a UNESCO) Organized meeting)
  • National award for best teacher (Center for cultural resources and training)- Teachers Award in 1995 awarded by the President Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma Worked as a Technical support person for UNFPA, Rajasthan to facilitate BSER, SRC, and SCERT to carry out their adolescent reproductive and sexual health programs (in school and out of school) Had been associated with 900 schools all over India and in other southeastern countries for training the counselors, teachers and orienting the policymakers on the issues of sexual health, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS awareness as UNFPA and WHO (SEAR) UNICEF coordinator and consultant.
  • Experience in schools system in both educationally backward states such as   Rajas than and other states such as AP and Delhi
  • A network with varied interests in Education, scouts, and guides, HIV/ AIDS, cultural heritage, training of trainers, Material Development for Education
  • Communication abilities both as a Trainer/ Facilitator for the training of trainers/ Teachers/ Principals and also with children especially girls of all background
  • Writing skills- desk research, reports preparation of student/ Teacher/ Parent, modules on mental health, life skills, health hygiene sanitation, and water education
  • Have done advocacy work with the department of education, NCERT, KVS, NIOS, COBSE, and other relevant educational bodies shaping the education policies in the country


  • Life skills Education Module for out-of-school adolescents (IAWG publications) 
  • Series of Mental Health Training modules published by WHO (SEAR) 
  • The module on capacity building for teachers and Adolescents (Safdarjung Hospital Adolescents Health Network) 
  • The module on School Health hygiene education for primary school children
  • (UNICEF)  Development of a need-based Mental Health Program for Adolescent Girls. This involved a survey of over 1000 school children in different settings to identify key issues and develop a need-based program involving teachers, parents and school children (Ph.D. dissertation) 
  • Textbook for class 11 on Life skills education for Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan
  • Series of modules for out-of-school adolescents through State Resource Centre developed for Rajasthan.
  • Had been an Anchor for Mental Health Program on Television for a National channel for 2 years.

 Present position:

Adjunct faculty in Broward college, Miami Dade College, and University of Miami

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