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Dr. Patanjali Dev Nayar

The founder of the Health and Rehabilitation Technologies, New Delhi, India, Dr. Nayar has Diploma in Health System Management from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, Diploma in Ophthalmology and M.B.B.S. degree from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India. He has held various roles with WHO including Technical Officer, Medical Officer - public health, Programme Management Officer and latest being Regional Adviser - Disability, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Nayar is

  • An expert in Planning, advising, managing and monitoring complex Regional/Country level public health programmes.

  • An expert in building capacities, development of training and technical materials, designing training processes, utilizing interactive methodologies (problem based learning, VIPP, pedagogical, androgogical),designing and conducting trainings at international and national level in various areas of public health importance, including on road safety, trauma care, rehabilitation and assistive technology, adolescent health and life skills.

  • An expert in the development of national strategic plans,national standards, technical, and programme monitoring and reviews, development of tools and guidelines for strengthening of health programs and service delivery; IEC materials, meeting reports, and technical briefs in areas of public health importance given above including support to National Assistive Technology (AT) Apex Centres and adoption/adaptation of WHO AP List (APL) for WHO Member States of SE Asia.

  • A provider of technical support to international institutions (Johns Hopkins)INGOs (USAID supported, Save The Children, CARE, OXFAM), NGOs, and Govt and private Agencies (SIFPSA, NACO, CII-India) and networks like GaTE on ARSH, HIV/AIDS, SRH, AFHS, women's health, gender, Nutrition,Mental Health, Assistive Technology

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