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Ed. Vishwanathan

Mr. Ed Viswanathan is author of best sellers about Hinduism By way of background Mr. Viswanathan is an electrical engineer and originally from Kerala. Currently retired electrical engineer, he resides in Southwestern USA, with his wife. and is devoting his life to give back to society. Mr.Viswanathan has two children. Ed Viswanathan is the author of three international best sellers about Hinduism including the book Am I Hindu? Amazing Secrets of the BhagavadGita, and Amazing Secrets of Hinduism: Hindu Culture and Incredible India. His book, Am I Hindu? was published thirty years ago to answer his teenage sons questions about his Hindu religion, culture and heritage. The format is easy to read Q&A . Am I A Hindu? was on Amazons 10 best seller books about Hinduism years back and received many rave reviews from The Hindu, Chennai, Hinduism Today Magazine, India West Magazine, California, India Tribune Magazine, Chicago etc. In USA, Library Journal and Booklist magazines recommend this book for all private and public libraries. This book is praised by Mr. Walter Isaacson, Ex -chief Editor of Time Magazine as well as by Dr. Stephen Prothero, Chairman of Religious studies, Boston University. This book is used at Boston University has also been translated into different languages. Swami Vijayananda Ji has been teaching free Yoga and Meditation classes for the last 40 years throughout the US and abroad and has conducted many pujas and homams in temples and the community including consecration of Temples. He has conducted workshops at Vishwa Hindu Parishad camps and Bal Vihar. He has organized many annual Bhagavad Geetha chanting competitions for children. In July of 2016 and again in July 2017 he completed Kailash Manasarovar Yatra including parikrama (walking around the Kailash Mountain). In Feb 2018 Swami Vijayananda Ji was ordained into the Sannyasa Order by Swami Jyotirmayananda, a direct disciple of Swami Sivananda Ji Maharaj of Divine Life Society Rishikesh. Swami Ji teaches weekly classes online and live streams pujas and homams. Swami Ji is working as a Physicist, dedicated to excellence in radiation oncology.

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