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Shri. Anurag Krishna Shastri

Shri Kanhaiyaji is a renowned preacher of Bhagwat Katha. Orginally from Rajasthan, he went to UK to study literature and management and gave that up to become a katha vachak at the request of his Guru and Grandfather. With knowledge and blessings from his Dada Guru he became a Spiritual Teacher with a vision of guiding spiritual aspirants back to their Sanatan roots through Lord Shree Krishnas Bhakti. Shri Kanhaiya ji has done deep study of ancient scriptures and is able to decode and convey messages from complex scriptures in simple ways to disseminate the teachings of worlds oldest religion on Devotion, Generosity and Empowerment. In order to keep the Vaidik tradition alive, he has a gurukul Srimad Vidya Dham in Vrindavan. In the Gurukul, students learn Shrimad Bhagwat, Vedas, Karmakand, Sanskrit Vyakaran as well as other subjects like English and Computer studies.

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