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Mohit Karpuram

Mohit Karpuram is a community leader and an Information Technology & Management Professional for more than 20+ years with extensive experience working in the various Educational, Finance and Hospitality Industries. Mr. Karpuram did his Bachelors from the Osmania University and Masters in International Business & Entrepreneurship from Confederation College, Canada. Through various organizations and also, in his self-capacity, Mr. Karpuram is involved in supporting the local schools, food banks and orphanages. Also, he supports the education of Underprivileged children in India. He actively engages in organizing support to families who face financial difficulties due to the Occupational and health Hazards. Mr. Karpuram is the Trustee and the current President of Telangana Association of Florida, a non-profit organization with an objective to promote, preserve and encourage the rich Telangana culture, festivals, language, art and unique traditions of Telugu speaking people across Florida. Mr. Karpuram is also Trustee and Founding Member of Spoorthy, non-profit organization to promote social, cultural, educational, and humanitarian integration between the United States of America and India. Spoorthy involved in helping the needy directly or indirectly supporting organizations on the ground providing necessary services.

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