Master in Hindu Philosophy

At IHU, you will receive the attention required to be known, the chance to be a leader, and the opportunity to explore your passions. You will also be immersed in rigorous academics from valued professors who truly care about you and your future. Classes taught from a Hindu perspective will set you up with tools for lifelong learning, community-focused decision-making, and a strong sense of calling and vocation. The world needs you.

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Core Courses:-

HUC 5001: Principles of Hinduism (3 credits): Categorization of basic Hindu scriptures by timeline, gradation of primary and secondary authority, languages, authorship, highlighted tradition of philosophy, yoga, tantra and lifestyle. Structure and material presentation in different basic scriptures diversity in the Veda, Upanishads, sutras, Gita, epics, Smriti’s and Shastra’s.

 HUC 5002: Practices of Hinduism (3 credits): Inquiry into central principles and practices of Hinduism that exercise global influence and appeal particularly in areas of metaphysics the nature of the physical world, worldly life, the nature of the individual soul, and ultimate reality, the four fold values of life viz. Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha.

 HUC 5003: Basic Sanskrit (3 credits) 



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