Food is the primary requirement for all the living beings. The need for food arose since the beginning of creation. Vedas refer to food shortage as the main crisis. To overcome this crisis Agriculture was discovered.

Atharva Veda refers earth as our mother.

Through cultivation we consecrate to mother earth. And mother earth expresses her happiness by gifting us with variety of food and other treasures. This sacred bond between a mother and son is called Rishi Krishi.

According to Rigveda and Atharava Veda Raja Ven's son Raja Pruthi was the first one to discover prowar agriculture. He was the pioneer to have evolved various cropping patterns.

India is an agricultural country. Agriculture is the back none of Indian economy. We have received the ancient practices of Agricultural methodology as a legacy from our seers and rulers.

We have been blessed with this knowledge over generations of venerated masters like Rishi Parashara father of Maharishi Ved Vyas introduced Krishi Parashar. Kashyap Maharishi introduced kashyapiya krishi - Sukthi, Surapala introduced Vriksh Ayurveda, and Parushuram introduced Krishi Gita.

In India the first Agriculture University was set up in 1960. Since then training in conventional Agriculture started in a formal way. Large scale usage of like urea, DAP and other lethal chemicals started. By this, our traditional Agriculture knowledge started losing its importance. Indigenous seeds lost its place to hybrid and genetically modified seeds.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides contaminated the land, water and air. Conventional Agriculture no wonder increased the yield but the food lost its nutrition and quality. Due to this diseases mushroomed, land lost its fertility, changes in environment leading to global warming.


The only solution to this chain reaction is to go back to our roots, adopt our ancient - traditional Agricultural practices. Bring back the lost fertility to the land by using manure. Manure is considered as food for nourishment of the land. Indiscriminate usage of helical fertilizers, pesticides, and weedicides, dumping of domestic and industrial waste, cutting down of trees etc. tantamount to abuse of mother earth.

International Hindu University and Human health circle India have jointly launched the Rishi - Krishi online course. This course will be conducted under the guidance of well-known experts in traditional Agriculture knowledge. The topics covered and the names of the experts are available for your information. This course will be conducted from 1st May to 31st October 2023.(6 months duration). Various topics of interest in Rishi Krishi will be extensively covered every week through one or two online sessions. Participants will be trained in almost the topics. Training sessions will also include exclusive sessions of each expert to solve queries / doubts. Reading materials and videos will also be shared.

All those who aspire to learn and reach out to many more and spread this ancient knowledge are welcome to be a part of this noble cause.

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