You will be able to communicate with 490 million Hindi speakers (Native and non- native) across the world, may it be for business or on a personal level. Due to this vast number of speakers across the world, Hindi is the fourth most spoken language in the world after English, Chinese and Spanish. It is one of the most important languages of South East Asia. It Is also a language of business; India is a booming economy, and every country is expanding trade in India. Anyone who is looking to do business in India would perform well by adding Hindi to his or her repertoire. This is one of the main importance of learning Hindi for businesses and companies not only business but learning Hindi can give you an amazing insight into India’s culture. By learning Hindi, you also get opportunity to explore Hinduism and Humanity by reading our sacred texts like Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita.


Core Courses:

1.   HIN 5001    Hindi 1    [Beginner]

2.   HIN 5002    Hindi 2    [Intermediate]


1.   HIN 5001        [Beginner]

This course is designed by keeping in mind your willingness to learn Hindi amid your busy and stressful life, hence we have come up with this fast-track short term course which will allow you to enjoy the taste of world’s one of the most revered, respectful and sweet languages in a very short, interactive and interesting way. Here it will be a journey from the basic Hindi syllables to developing conversational skills in Hindi 

After this course, you will be able to…

*    Converse in basic Hindi

*    Learn minimum 1200 new words in Hindi

*    Read short texts in Hindi

*    Learn basic Hindi grammar concepts like tenses, noun, pronouns, verbs

*    Make simple Hindi sentences

*    Comprehend simple Hindi verses


Fee:            $250 for 1 participant    

                    $210 for 2 participants

Credits:      3

Duration:   15 Weeks



2.    HIN 5002        [Intermediate]

After crossing the beginner’s stage in this course participants will be instructed some more complex grammar rules, participants will be taught comprehending starting from short sentences to lengthy texts, more words and content will be added in this phase, minimum 1200 more words will be added.

After this course, you will be able to…

*    Communicate and express your thoughts in simple Hindi

*    Learn minimum 1200 new words in Hindi

*    Read lengthy texts in Hindi

*    Learn more Hindi grammar concepts like anuswaar, sandhi etc

*    Make long Hindi sentences

*    Comprehend simple Hindi verses


Fee:            $250 for 1 participant [Inclusive of soft copies of the texts]         

                    $210 for 2 participants [Inclusive of soft copies of the texts]

Credits:      3

Duration:   2 months


Our Promises:

*    Qualified and experienced faculty

*    Availability of faculty even beyond the classroom for any queries

*    Faculty will be open to adapt the friendly way of teaching according to participants

*    Personal attention to each participant

*    Encouraging self-learning even beyond the classroom

*    Teaching according to the pace of participants


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