Spiritual Management for Professionals

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New trends to obtain efficiency, better interrelationship and vertical growth for Industry/Corporate Executives/Academia (including Technical Institutes)

Course objectives

Introduce learners to a basic understanding of the term spiritual management. Introduce spiritual management approach to be used by MBA entrepreneurs/corporate executives of Academia & Industry for stress management, time management, interpersonal relationship, acceptance of present and vertical growth. It Critically reflect through oral comprehensions about the general contents of the knowledge of spiritual management. Introduce learners to the sequence of human development from the evolution to the merger which includes the phases of religion-philosophy-science- parascience-engineering-technology-management- spirituality-spiritual management. Explore the understanding and utility of Para-scientific experimentation (that is finer than material technology); which is to be used to formulate spiritual management approach for further development.

Course will endeavor to address these aspects:

  1. Personality analysis (physical levels),
  2. Scope of Science
  3. Personality analysis (intellectual/mental level),
  4. Scope of Para-science
  5. Knowledge of Para-scientific practices
  6. Personality analysis (spiritual level)
  7. Scope of Spiritual science
  8. Spiritual technology
  9. Management
  10. Spiritual management

Credits: 3 credits, Duration: 40hours/13 weeks

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