Continuing Education Certificates And Programs

 Students receive an institutional College Credit Certificate upon completion and the program’s title is added to the student’s transcript.There are various kinds of certificates available: from undergraduate to graduate and advanced certificates. Certificates serve a multitude of purposes for different students: they are sometimes used to bridge the gap between different phases of academic study, or to provide additional professional training and qualifications. There are certificates in a wide variety of subjects in Arts, Humanities, Business, Biological and Life Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Natural Sciences and even more. The variety of different certificates can be overwhelming – don’t let it stop you! Start your search by looking at the most popular certificates listed below.

Core Courses:-

AYU 5001 Introduction to Ayurveda (3 credits):

This course is both for non- medical people as well as health care professionals.Basic principles of Ayurveda will be taught. This is a certificate course that may lead to an associate degree, when the candidate completes the intermediate course (AYU-5002.)

 AYU 5002 Ayurveda for Health Care Professionals (3 credits):

This is an intermediate course on Ayurveda. Those who have a degree in Ayurveda or those who are in the USA are eligible to prepare for an associate level degree in Ayurveda. This course will be jointly taught by a qualified Ayurveda practitioner and/or a licensed professional in this the USA.



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