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The Daily Life Style  program (DLSA) has been presented to many audiences in the US, England and India as well as in Swami Vivekananda Kendra in Bengaluru ,India. It is a PowerPoint presentation in two parts that takes about 25 to 30 min.


Part one is for the physical body. Here I will be emphasizing why we have to do warm up, aerobics and cooling down to get the optimum benefits from the exercise in a safe manner to prevent hurting one self. I will also have the studies to support it as a science.


Part two, is for active relaxation of the mind (ARM).  Here I will be discussing the differences between active relaxation of the mind versus other perceived methods of relaxation like sleeping, watching TV etc. There will a significant physiological difference as well as benefits.


I am sure many of us have experienced the fact that sometimes very complex problems have simple solutions. DLSA is one of them, showing all of us how an hourí worth of dedication to oneís physical and mental health resolves many intricate problems. For example, it addresses problems like lack of energy, weight issues, overcoming self-manipulation etc.


The main emphasis is on each one of us devoting one hour for ourselves daily at the level of the mind and body,(preferably before starting our daily work) and rest for others.

In addition, the presentation will provide the physiological explanation associated with these practices.


The physical and spiritual practices discussed in the presentation will show that these practices are rooted in science and are not mystical in nature. This will be of utmost importance to our youngsters who would like to see reason and rationality before accepting the concept and practicing it in their life.

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