Understanding Self- Reality Check; Where do we stand

  • Ms. Sunita Ranjan
Are you interested to know more about yourself- your likes, dislikes, abilities, beliefs? Want to respond in a better way to situations by conscious practice of your abilities? Wondering how you can be more confident and get the best in you? If these are some of the questions that is popping up in your mind, then understanding self and taking a reality check of who am I? will help. Your empowerment means to be in control of yourself using your resources and actions to reach your goal! This includes your thoughts (thinking process) associated to realize the goals set, the skills required by you to act, which is guided by the value systems and culture you are oriented and live - in. The key player in this process of empowerment is YOU! Be part of this process and enjoy the beautiful journey called YOU! The session will include exercises, stories, fun activities, and reflections for better learning and is a part of Empowering Self for Effectiveness Through Life Skills course starting SEPT 1 2022 Ha!se69x Was Here !

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